Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Anti Inflammatory Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

Healthy smoothies make healing faster! 
I'm back! I checked out of virtual land for a bit. Mainly because I wanted to, also because I haven't felt well enough. Turns out some discs in my neck were pushing on my spinal cord. So I recently got surgery to prevent paralysis and get some pain relief.

Only been about 2 weeks since surgery and I've felt better since day 2! So Im back! Recovering for awhile, but I'm feeling a little better!

Since spinal surgery, it seems some of my Fibro symptoms may have subsided greatly. I still have Rheumatoid Arthritis & other autoimmunes, so I try to keep up the easy, healthy foods! We all gotta nourish our bodies with the good, fresh, healthy foods!

This is the super easy, fast, delicious and secretly super healthy smoothie Ive been creating daily. It's so delicious and makes me feel great! Did you know our bones require protein from foods to heal and remain well? Me either, till now. I've found an easy and yummy way!

Easier to drink meals with this brace
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup Chia seeds (awesome Omega 3)
1 cup frozen dark sweet cherries (anti  inflammatory)
1 handful (or more) fresh spinach leaves
1 heaping spoonful dark chocolate powder
1 heaping spoonful peanut butter
1/2 cup almost almond milk
(If you prefer fresh non frozen foods, just add a bunch of ice)

Blend all till smooth and enjoy your super healthy 'dessert'!

Good job!

Let me know if you tried this and if you liked it!

Bling (and healthy foods) make my long recovery much easier. 😁

Bling the thing you swing!  :)

Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Breakfast Veggie Skillet

This morning I was craving a restaurant style skillet, potatoes, egg, cheese & all. But Im trying to save money by not going out to eat. So I looked in my kitchen & ta-da, this healthy & super easy Breakfast Veggie Skillet was created.

Mmmm yummy
1 sweet potato
Califlower (I prefer frozen in the bag)
Spinach leaves

This is a very basic, simple recipe. Basically, cut up veggies & potato & add to buttered frying pan. I like to almost burn my potatoes & veggies. Cook to your own desire, mkay.

Healthy skillet goodness

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Easy homemade strawberry cheesecake ice cream!

Remember when you were younger & could eat anything you wanted like ice cream, pizza and candy? I do & I still miss them. With Fibro & Rheumatoid Arthritis both being auto immune diseases, it's crucial I watch my sugar intake. Refined processed sugar = inflammation. Wide spread chronic inflammation are key factors of autoimmune diseases. So, I make my own healthy ice cream! Yahoo!
See my happiness
Wait till you see how easy and yummy this Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream is to make.

Blend together:
Frozen strawberries 
Frozen banana
Little almond milk
1/2 graham cracker

Top with graham cracker.

Tastes just like ice cream!