Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines Berry Spinach Smoothie

Even though I don't celebrate, or believe in, Valentines Day, I still have been making red foods and treats in honor of the holiday. Here's and easy and festive way to get my veggies, fruits and omega 3's (much needed for RA and Fibro inflammation)...
my Valentines Berry Spinach Smoothie.
Added heart sticker to straw for show ;)

Put the following in the blender:
small handful fresh spinach leaves
frozen mixed berries
frozen mango
1 fresh banana
spoonful chia seeds
strawberry yogurt (or any flavor)
Fill er up, with whatever you like!

This is what it looks like with chia seeds added...they look like little poppy seeds. They're so full of omega 3's, they're wonderful!
Ch-ch-ch Chia!

Blend it all up and voila!
Pretty berry red, like my bleeding heart! lol

So sweet and yummy! Can't tell there's spinach in there at all! Or seeds! Just sweet fruit and ice mmmmm.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Nom Nom
being healthy!

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  1. You're so funny! I love reading your blog!