Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cookin with the kiddos...simple veggie pasta!

I had the awesome opportunity to babysit two of my nieces last week, for 3 days. Parents were out of town & I was the legal guardian. PART-AY! No no, no parties like that. But we did have some so called parties in the kitchen making foods, and making picture frames!
They told me how they don't know how to cook & I noticed when they come home from school, they raid the kitchen of whatever fast & easy chips or snacks they could find. So, I decided to show them how to cook something easy & healthy with what's in the house! Ta-Da, our Simple Veggie Pasta!
Taylor & I
Me & Hayley
Veggies on hand
Seasonings or sauce on hand you like

Simply cut up whatever veggies you have, season how you like & put on stovetop...
Cook up some pasta & add the veggies to it!

Then watch your dog beg for some, too!
Puggy begging for our food
Girl Power! See, it's easy bein healthy! :)

And here are the awesomely cool picture frames we made!
Left to right: Mine, Taylors, Hayleys. Fabulous!
Mine now for sale on Etsy. Click image to view Etsy page!
Super Triple Threat Girl Power!!! PS- I love my family! :))))

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