Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Easy veggie mix for when Im sick

This little low immune system chica caught her hubbys cold! He got over his in a few days by just resting. Me, I get a fever, bronchitis (as usual), and severe asthma inflammation- all ontop of an RA flare up! I was having trouble breathing & went to the ER. They gave me a breathing treatment & sent me home with lots of meds. So now I'm in super duper healthy eatin mode. I have to! Hence this easy, healthy veggie & egg stir fry.

Sliced potatoes
Red pepper
Cherry tomatoes
1 egg

I enjoyed mine with a glass of Emergen-C and Echinacia tea. Knowing me, this sickness is sticking around for awhile. Hope you're all staying healthy and warm!

Love, peace & veggies. Now time for my nap...cough cough.

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