Thursday, January 9, 2014

Still very sick - time for 311 !

This post has nothing to do with food, but more an updated health post. Bronchitis isn't letting up, despite these nasty antibiotics. The almost non-stop coughing is really taking a toll on my already sore & swollen ribs. The Prednisone isn't helping much with the inflammation, which is very frustrating. And Fibromyalgia sure doesn't care that I'm sick right now, it still grips its evil little monster-like 'teeth' into my muscles & skin making literally everything, and nothing, severely painful. I keep having small bouts of crying, and I'm a strong little one! I dare anyone to step into my shoes & see how well you handle all this.
With that all said, at this point I can only think it's time to do the only thing that helps when nothing else does...put on some 311 music! 'pnut, beat that thang!' :D
Hope you're all staying healthy!!
much love.

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