Saturday, August 23, 2014

Easy Ice Cream Breakfast

Ice cream for breakfast?! Yes, please! This idea was inspired by my friend Rick, who can't have anything acidic. I can't take full credit for this recipe, I've seen it online before many times. The flavors & colors (yes I see food as colors) I chose myself. Pick any flavor you prefer, the possibilities are endless for this HEALTHY, ANTIOXIDANT Easy Ice Cream Breakfast. Of course, this can be made for any time of the day. Frozen bananas are the base of this recipe. Add any flavor you want, I chose raspberry.
Tastes, looks & feels like ice cream but better!
You only need 2-3 ingredients for this & they're probably already in your kitchen.
Frozen bananas, raspberries, choc chips
For this I blended till smooth:
3 frozen bananas
4 handfuls frozen raspberries
Few splashes almond milk
It will probably be very thick, add more milk as necessary.
Go Ninja Go
Add dark chocolate chips to top
Feels like it's meh bday!
Now this is something my sensitive immune system can enjoy and eat as much as I want!
Medicinal food makes me feel gr8!
It does melt kind of fast. Any left overs just add ice, blend & drink as a smoothie!
Cheers to you, Rick!

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