Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Acorn Winter Squash with brown sugar & walnuts

I'm learning about healthy foods from the earth. I'm learning what grows when & how easy & tasty they are. Squash is one of them. I've usually eaten only Butternut Squash in ravioli or diced up in a stir-fry. This, my friends, is the easiest, most delicious earth recipe I've tried yet!
Baked Acorn Squash with brown sugar & walnuts

Acorn Squash. First time I tried it was today. Omg...it's soooo good. Here's what one looks like before it's cut up.

You simply cut it in half. I accidentally cut off the top first. Mine was also going bad already in some spots, so I cut those out.

Then just scoop out the seeds & extra stringy pieces to look something like this...

I added some brown sugar. Pre heat oven to 400 & cook for 1 hour 15 min's.

While it baked the place smelled so good, like caramelized sugar! I put mine in lots of tinfoil to catch any dripping juices.

It came out of the oven so soft, but also sooo sticky! I guess some put butter on theirs also, maybe that would've made the final outcome less sticky. This is a picture of my spoon sticking to the foil trying to remove the squash that was stuck to the foil.

Best part about cooking with tinfoil is that you can just throw it out when you're done- no dishes!

All ready to eat it for the first time! It looked & smelled so good, I couldn't wait.

But then I had an idea. I added some of my new walnuts I just bought! OMG Perfect!! I highly recommend making this at least once this winter. Your senses will thank me.

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