Friday, December 20, 2013

Simple Beautiful Pomegranates

We all need our sweet snacks, right! Guess what my new best snack food is? Pomegranates! Sweet! Juicy! Fun! Easy!

These babies are so easy & so healthy! They're also beautiful, or as my Grandpa David would say, 'The food is gorgeous!' I love the different, rich colors of foods from the earth. Pomegranates are in the top 3, for sure. They're cheap & you get a ton of juicy, healthy seeds from 1 fruit. Just cut the fruit in 1/2 & pop the seeds out! I find the seeds come out easier in a bowl of water, fruit facing down. Try it sometime! Picture below shows only 1/2 of one fruit! Wish you were here to grab a spoon & help me eat this!

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