Sunday, December 22, 2013

Easy Sunday Dinner - Cabbage Salmon

Dinners can be tough to figure out or make, especially in the winter, especially on a Sunday night! More so if you're always fighting fatigue or don't feel well. So, I whipped this up with what I had in the house. Voila!

1 frozen salmon
handful purple cabbage
1 orange
I prefer Morey's Frozen Fish Creations Salmon. This flavor I chose is already seasoned & marinated. I just cut the plastic end off & pop the salmon on the stovetop!

Throw the red cabbage on at the end for just a few minutes. The cabbage will become seasoned with what's on the pan & nice n warm. If you cook the cabbage too long, it will become soft & no longer crunchy...I prefer crunchy.

Easy as 1,2,3! I added pieces of an orange to complete the meal. A hint of thousand island dressing is on the plate, too. I like to dip the cabbage in it. Add whatever sauce, if any, that you like. Ginger dressing or lime juice would go great, as well.
Happy Healthy Easy Sunday! nom nom nom

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