Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oh, Christmas Salad

Trying to eat healthy during the holidays isn't easy! It's Christmas Eve and I wanted something festive with Christmas colors, but no sugar or wheat or cheese. I could've easily and secretly gotten into my husbands sugar cookie stash he thinks he hid from me, but I refrained. I know that if I caved, in a few hours my allergies would start a sinus pressure war for about 2 days. Within 6-48 hours, the gluten & sugar would wreck havoc on my immune system, causing RA inflammation in my joints, stomach issues similar to celiac, terribly itchy skin & extreme fatigue, also lasting about 2 days. So what's a girl to do about cravings for pretty, colorful, festive, sugary Christmas Eve treats?!
Oh, make an Easy Christmas Salad, of course!

It's so easy to throw together this salad.
Here's how I like my colorful, festive Christmas Salad...
Just pile all ingredients on top of each other, no specific order.
Bunch of spinach leaves
White chicken
Sunflower seeds
Dried cranberries
Chia seeds
Ranch dressing
Lime juice

Enjoy...Eat Healthy Always...and Merry Christmas!

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