Monday, December 23, 2013

Drink Up!!

No matter what the season, it's crucial to drink lots & lots of water through out the day, every day. I know if I don't get enough daily water, I get a whole host of health problems. I personally love water just the way it is. Sometimes I do get a little bored with trying to drink plain water all day. Here's a few ways I'm trying to get my full water intake daily!

Emergency Time! Emergency! drink is a favorite of mine. I prefer Pink Lemonade flavor. Just add a packet to a glass of water...easy! Sometimes I also add a few slices of lemon, or orange, depending on flavor packet I choose. Easy to make, and an easy way to stay healthy all winter!

Fruity Fiesta! Sometimes I like to add frozen fruit to my water. The fruit stays frozen for awhile & adds instant flavor to your water. Here I used frozen strawberries & mangos. Doesn't get easier than that! Tastes like paradise.

Happy Water Hour! Add some ice, slices of lemon & lime & a cute little umbrella. Cat optional.

Spa Water... add cucumber, or any fruit you like! I like to let the cucumbers sit for a few hours or overnight. Just like spa water!

 Water Fun. So easy, just use a fun glass! :)))

Last idea...drink more decaf tea! :)


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