Monday, December 16, 2013

Apple Carrot Kale Ginger Juice

It's winter time...bbrrrrr! Now more than ever I love juicing my favorite, oh-so-easy, delicious & healthy juice. First time I tried this, I went to the store for a single apple, two carrots & a smidgin of ginger. I fell in love. Now I always have those items in my fridge, recently adding the kale.

2 apples sliced, I prefer green Granny Smiths since they're sweeter
2 carrots peeled
3-4 kale leaves washed
1 chunk ginger washed

If you have trouble with your hands like me, I recommend an electric peeler to peel the carrots. Makes it so easy & no sore hands. I use something like this.

It can't be any easier if you have a juicer. I highly recommend making the investment. Did you know you can juice kale? I never knew till I decided to try it! I like to juice the kale first to see how much juice it makes. It's usually a nice, healthy dose. It looks so neat to me, so green. Don't worry, you'll mostly taste the sweet apple juice balanced with carrots & as much ginger as you put in. The kale I don't really taste!

This is what it looks like when done. So pretty! So swirly! Yumm.
Guaranteed to keep you healthy all winter long!
Add a colorful straw & enjoy!

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